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Not Just Sikles and Kori Danda: Visit  Kapuche Glacier Lake Trek in Nepal

Not Just Sikles and Kori Danda: Visit Kapuche Glacier Lake Trek in Nepal

The Kapuche Glacier Trek is a new trekking experience to the "Lowest Glacier Lake in Nepal" at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level. As you hike uphill, the forest path is quite cool and refreshing, leading you to the Virgin Ice Lake, Kapuche, the lowest altitude lake in Nepal. You may also see avalanches falling on the way from the mountains if the weather is extreme.

An interesting fact alert! The glacial lake Kahphuche got its name from Gurung words: "Ka" (snow or ice), "Pu" (breaking down and sliding), and "Che" (landing on flat land). This means that the locals find the specialty of Kapuche and cherish the fact that the fallen ice from the glacier has settled on a valley, forming a glacial lake.

A Trek to the Lowest Glacier Lake ( Kapuche)

Kapuche Glacier is a picturesque lake located in a serene and remarkable natural setting. As you trek, it takes you to vantage points like Tara Hill Top, cultivated fields, remote settlements, and rhododendron forests that serve a purpose here. A 2 to 4-day adventure in Sikles, Kapuche Lake, and Kori Danda can refresh you with the local Gurung hospitality.

The lowest glacier lake, Kapuche, lies to the northeast of Kaski. It is a short trek that begins in Pokhara and goes through several villages and hills. This trekking route has been slowly gaining popularity because of its natural beauty and unique trekking experience, even though it was just discovered and opened up to visitors.

What is the distance between Pokhara and Kapuche Lake?

The distance from Pokhara to Sikles is 26 km, and you need an extra 20 km with an approximate 8.5-hour hike to finally reach Kapuche Lake. On your 55-kilometer journey from Pokhara to Kapuche Lake, you primarily interact with the Gurung ethnic village. You have up-close views of Annapurna II, i.e., 7,937 meters (26,040 feet), and Lamjung Himal on the trail pathways.

Sikles Village is the main entry point for the trek to the lake. From Sikles, trekkers can hike towards Hugu Village, also known as Goth Ghar, which takes approximately 5–6 hours to reach. It's around a 2-hour hike, taking you to the comfortable homestays during this amazing trekking experience in Nepal.

You can spot wildlife in the Kaski district of Nepal, which has rich biodiversity, local traditions, and peaceful nights at the Kapuche Glacier Lake. As you ascend to Kapuche, you cross the forest side and wooden suspension bridges, which can be challenging on rainy days due to the slippery, rocky path in Annapurna region. 

No plastic waste on the trek from Sikles to Kapuche Glacier Trek, as the cleanest and most noticeable point is the steep and vertical ascent, which could be a little challenging. The best-emerging trek of Kapuche has a pristine natural presence with the most remote and less crowded trekking in Nepal.

It’s the most accessible glacier lake in Nepal, stunning, and a pristine ice lake. The glacial lake area is about 1200 square meters, and it’s two walking days from Pokhara, Nepal. The distance between Hugu Goth and Kapuche Lake is around 2–3 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 350 meters.

Kapuche Glacier Lake with the Kori Danda Trek

Kapuche Glacier Trek is the lowest glacier lake trek at an altitude of 2450 m. You head to the next famous destination, Nohtha (Nho-ta), where you head to the viewpoints at Kori Danda and Thulek (4,115m).

As the trek heads to the next famous destination, you trek to Nohtha (Nho-ta). Later, the trail stretches across pristine forests with viewpoints at Kori Danda and Thulek (4,115m). You head back to Pokhara and you eventually conclude the trek.

The Kapuche Glacier Lake Trek, along with the Kori Danda Trek, is one of the best short trekking experiences in the Annapurna region. It explores trails between 3000 and 4000 meters in altitude and is best taken as a camping trek.

Kori Danda is located near the Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayan ranges, with mountains like Lamjung Himal (6988m) and Annapurna II (7937m), which seem so close to the Sikles Gaun of Kaski. Even the Machhapuchhare (6993m) Himal is clearly visible from the area. This popular hill station can connect to the Annapurna Circuit Trek via Namun La Pass (5560 m).

Trek to Sikles and Kapuche Lake

Kori Hill is a hidden gem that is a moderately difficult trekking experience for beginners. Starting with Sikles, a quaint Gurung settlement area situated about a 3.5-hour drive from Pokhara, you trek to Kapuche and Kori Hill. On the scenic drive, you pass through Chipli Gaun of Kaski, where life is remote, fun, and in its rhythm, without dependency on city life.

The beauty of Sikles is best portrayed by the surrounding hill stations like Parche Dada, Kori Dada, and Taprang Dada, where the authentic Gurung culture is preserved. Over 2500 residents in Sikles, with over 700 Gurung horses, make it one of the largest Gurung settlements.

Kori Danda is considered the midpoint of Nepal when viewed from east to west, with an elevation of 3800 meters. You can have an amazing view of the Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayan ranges from this viewpoint, where isolation and tranquil adventure just leave you breathless. As you trek to Kapuche among the pine and oak forests, you watch numerous avalanches up close.

The most remarkable part is your overnight stay in the humble village of Hugu. It's so refreshing after you get lost in Kahphuche Glacial Lake, which is 8 to 10 hours away from Sikles village. You taste local delicacies like Dhindo, Gundruk ko Jhol, Buffalo Sukuti, Momo, Thukpa, Mohi Chop, Kinema, and Kodo ko Rakshi, which are the special foods of Gurung.

Weather conditions in Kapuche Lake

Kapuche Lake has rather mild and pleasant weather. And its daytime temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, with clear skies in autumn and spring. There is higher precipitation in this area due to its closer proximity to the lake, and the suggestible months for optimal trekking weather conditions in Kapuche Lake are March and April, and even festival seasons like September and October.

The average temperature on Kapuche Lake and Kori Danda Trek is 10°C to 20°C in the daytime. While nights can get cold as it drops from around 0°C to -5°C. Summer nights are rather chilly, but winters can be extremely challenging, with night temperatures of -10°C to -25°C.

With slight rains on the trekking route on hot summer days, trekkers find the weather soothing. Only to be concerned about other risk factors that rain invites on the trekking route to Kapuche Glacier Lake.


If you are looking for the best short trekking experience in Annapurna, the Kapuche Lake trek with Sikles and Kori Hill best suits your adventure. There are other popular alternatives, like the Poon Hill Trek, the Ghandruk Trek, the Khopra Danda Trek, the Muldai Peak Trek, and the Panchase Trek, which we will discuss too.

Kapuche Lake Trek can be the ideal spot for pre-dawn sunrise and sunset views where the first and final rays are reflected by the virgin Kapuche Ice Lake. Inquire about Nature Trail, make bookings, and secure your Annapurna trekking experience in Nepal with the best trekking agency and travel company in Nepal.

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