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Excellent Record of Customer Satisfaction

Since 1995, company founder, Bishnu Subedi, has steadily built Nature Trail and its reputation from humble beginnings to what it is today. He has extensive experience in trekking and tourism in Nepal; is a keen environmentalist and a firm believer of responsible tourism. He is actively involved in all aspects of the company and occasionally leads treks to keep in touch with ground operations. Being a proud Nepali, Bishnu supports his local culture and traditions by expending his personal time, funds and energy on various local projects. He has also studied abroad and traveled to many western countries so is able to identify with his client base, seeing things from both the western and Nepalese perspectives. Thus, we do have excellent record of customer satisfaction and high level of returning customers.

Nepal's 1st ISO Certified Travel Agency

Our commitment to provide prompt and quality services exceeding guest satisfaction, and continued effort in maintaining the trend has won us the prestigious title of the being first Trekking Company of Nepal to be awarded the Certificate of Registration “ ISO 9001:2000 in recognition of the Company’s Quality System, on 6th October 2005. We hire and train local staff, use local products (food, vegetables, dairy products etc.). We are committed on providing services best available in the industry and make no compromise when it comes to guest’s preferences. Apart from the conventional promotional campaigns, we take pride in our return business that comes through word of mouth.

Experienced and Professional Staffs

Nature Trail’s employees range from well-qualified and competent office staff to trekking and climbing guides with years of experience. All of our agents, guides, porters and drivers are hard-working, reliable and experienced, with an enthusiasm for working in the travel industry. Our staffs are well paid compare to Nepal normal industry standards. They are insured and had medical facilities. Within year they have 2 months extra paid, one month during their holiday, and the other month during Dashain Festival as Dashain allowance. Company has a policy of providing superannuation and provident fund for every staffs.

Responsible Travel Practices

Nature Trail’s approach is to raise environmental awareness in visitors to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan and where else we organize our services. We guide and inform our every client how to minimize the negative impacts that their ignorance may have on these destinations.

Our Company aim to change tourism by promoting and campaigning for more real travel experiences that also benefit conservation and local people. We encourage our Bhutan, Tibet and India operators and accommodation providers to minimize their negative impacts on economic, environmental and social requirements where as possible. We guide and help our customers how to trek gently, and minimize their negative effects at culture and environmental conservation. We inform each and every client that our mission is to protect fragile environment and indigenous cultures of the Himalayan Countries including Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Our Engagement on Social Welfare

Choosing Nature Trail, is already supporting local environmental and culture of Nepal as we are responsible travel company in Nepal, as mentioned detail above. This is also kind of contribution to the country. Upon on clients interest, anyone contribute at least minimum Euro 10 to support of the project we found and fully supported foundation (Himalayan Environmental and Cultural Awareness centre, in Nepal. It is also possible that in stead of supporting financially, one can also join and volunteer at children homes, teaching English, helping Children to make ready for school and other various job available for the volunteering.

Provide personal attention to every clients

We realize the importance of the good communication so Nature Trail proudly offers 24-hour/7 days a week Customer Service. Our website is detailed and designed to assist your travel planning experience. Our Kathmandu Head Office is open from 9 AM to 7.00 PM from Sunday to Friday but our Operations Department remains open 7 days a week to ensure your comfort throughout your journey with us.

Centrally Located 24/7 Responsible Office

We are located on Thamel, which is one of the tourist hub of Kathmandu or it can say it is tourist hug of Nepal. We do have 24 hours hunting telephone number to listen to our customer and response all their queries. We open 9 am to 7 pm Sunday to Friday and on every Saturday we open 10 to 2 pm as well. We do have well equipped office to handle all your concern and capable staffs on every departments to support you. Where normal landline and mobile phones are not working, we also can provide on request satellites phones to keep on touch whenever there is urgent or emergency.

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