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Thame: Gateway to Everest - Experience the Legendary Trekking Adventure

Thame: Gateway to Everest - Experience the Legendary Trekking Adventure

After the cultural ceremonies, the sacred pills of "Mani Rilwu" and "Tshereel" are distributed to attendees. The sand mandala is offered to the serpent gods (Nagas) as an act of reverence.

Mani Ramdu is a festival in the 9th Tibetan month, which usually falls in October or November. Mani Rimdu Festival for the year 2024 will be celebrated on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of October.

What is the best time to Trek Thame?

Thame is the popular stop on Everest that has the history of Sherpas, and successful Everest ascents. The best time to trek Thame can be around October, when you can also be part of the cultural celebration called, the Mani Rimdu Festival.

Considering weather and temperature, the Thame trek is between September and December; expect nights to be rather cold, with  temperature of -9 °C. The time between February and May welcomes spring and festivities in Thame Trek. 

If you want to explore Thame, prepare at least a 6- to 8-day adventure itinerary with a trusted and experienced trekking guide, which can make the most of your adventure. From Thame, you can have an extended trek to Khumjung village, and other surrounding peaks, so as not to miss the wild adventure on the three-pass route in Everest.

Expect that you will be on your feet, trying to reach every nook for 5 to 6 hours per day, which can be challenging for beginners. Hence, one needs comprehensive physical training, practice, and at least the habit of walking miles each day before stepping on the historic Thame.

Trip Itinerary for Thame Legendary Trekking

Was Thame Legendary Trekking on your bucket list? The relaxing day at Thame can help you understand the mountaineering culture and take you closer to the viewpoints of Sherpa. And what’s interesting is that the trek begins shortly after a scenic flight to Lukla airport.

The first trekking stop is Monjo, the charming, quaint settlement areas of Sherpas, Bhotias, and even the Lama community. You reach 2,835 meters (9,301 feet) above sea level, which lies to the north of Phakding village in the Everest region.

Monjo serves as a checkpoint for trekkers entering the National Park trekking area in the Khumbu region, 2–3 hours from Phakding. It is situated in the Dudh Koshi River, above which is the iconic Hillary Suspension Bridge, named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the legendary mountaineer.

Exploring Thame village, where unsung hero belongs

Monjo lies south of Jorsale village and if you continue to walk for 5 to 6 hours, inside the Sagarmatha National Park area, with the entry requirements, you will reach Namche Bazaar. It's where the headquarters of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sagarmatha NP are located.

You shop for souvenirs at the trading hub of Namche Bazaar (3446 m) in Thame trek. You acclimatize around the surrounding peaks, and then finally walk your way to Thame, with an elevation gain of around 300 m.

The Thame village trek takes you to a junction from where you go to Sunder Peak, Thyangbo, and Namche Bazaar. On the Thame Legendary trekking trail, you summit Sunder Peak, located at an elevation of 5,360 meters (17,585 feet).

The hike involves an ascent of approximately 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) from Thame village, which, as the fellow trekkers describe it, is “relentlessly steep" and might take 6 to 7 hours to reach there. You pass through Gokpuche before reaching the base of Sunder Peak. Get a refreshing Himalayan garlic soup in the cold weather and then, get moving to your destination of the day, as you need to explore it to the core.

Trek from Monjo to Lukla

The trek from Monjo to Lukla is a descent of heavy hearts when we depart from the golden memories of the Himalayas. The final 8.8 miles (13 kilometers, before you return on a scenic flight to Kathmandu from Lukla airport.

The trek is the highlight of your accomplishments, passing quaint villages like Chumuo, crossing the Dudh Koshi river, several wooden suspension bridges, and marking the beautiful summary of the Thame trekking.

More about Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar is still popular but not in the same way. It was once a trading station between Tibet and Nepal, where Himalayan Sherpa residents bartered yak cheese and butter, with other ingredients.

They also exchange it with agricultural commodities like wheat, potatoes, rice, veggies, and other goodies in the lower-altitude region of Khumbu. If you want to fly back home directly, you can also book an air ticket from Syangboche Airport, so there is no need to worry about trekking with the final steps.


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