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Sailung Trip: A hidden land of wonders in Dolakha

Sailung Trip: A hidden land of wonders in Dolakha

Whenever someone will ask me about the strangest yet most beautiful landscape in Nepal, my answer is going to be Sailung of Dolakha currently. Yes, the beautiful rolling hillocks at the high altitude and 360 degrees panaromic views of mountains all around, this place is really a mesmerizing experience. More than a visit, this place is an experience. Experience of wilderness, a unique landscape, beautiful people, and the lovely rhododendron forests.

I got to visit Sailung during the peak period of spring season, so there were rhododendron of variable colors blooming all around. The dewdrops on the heavenly meadows were still frozen. The hibernating animals were trying to peek out of their places, Everything seemed like it was on a verge of new beginning, my heart was on a verge of new beginning too. Beginning of a new experience, like every trip does to everyone.

Sailung is an area that is located in the border area of Dolakha and Ramechhap district. Most of the region lies in Dolakha itself. This place was named Sailung as it has around hundred small hillocks rolling over the whole place like the meadows of heaven. After climbing up a certain altitude, only thing we can see is the hillocks all around and also the mountains surrounding the landscape. It is also famous as a Hindu religious site for Sailungeshwor Mahadev, a form of Lord Shiva residing over Sailung watching over the Himalayas.

Sailung can be a beautiful destination for anyone looking for few days off residing around Kathmandu. This place is very near from Kathmandu specially. Whenever one talks about Dolakha, Kalinchowk and Jiri are the places most discussed about. I came to know that very few people knew about Sailung. This place can be reached through a motorable road that leads the way up from Mude, Dolakha. The best way to complete this trip in short but excellent way would be to travel from Mude to Dhunge.

After spending a night at Dhunge, next day you can hike up to the Sailung hills to see the golden sunrise. The trip from Kathmandu to Mude takes about 5 hours. From Mude, it is around 26 kilometers upto Dhunge, but due to bad road condition, it takes about 2-3 hours to get there. At Dhunge, there are very limited hotels to stay. You can stay there in a local lifestyle and enjoy talking with people over there. We were overwhelmed by the warmth by which we were responded by the people. We stayed at a hotel that night, it was cold and windy but the stars were lit in the sky.

Next morning, we left for Sailung from Dhunge. The hike ran through beautiful rhododendron forests and small streams of water. It took us around 3 hours to reach our final destination of Sailung. We reached Sailung when the sun was just about to rise. We could see the rolling hillocks in front of us with frozen dewdrops shining in the first golden rays of the sun. As we looked back, we could see the whole Langtang range, Mt. Gaurishankar shining with red and yellow flashes on their peaks. It was more beautiful because there was no one else except us. It was a complete solitude, a beautiful one. It was a cold morning at the 3200m altitude of Sailung. We ran through the hills, took pictures, stared at the mountains and just relaxed at the amazing creation. It was a very beautiful place indeed.

How to get to Sailung?

Sailung Itinerary:

 Day 1: Kathmandu to Mude (5 hrs drive)

            Mude to Dhunge (3 hrs drive)

Day 2: Dhunge to Sailung (3 hrs hike)

            Back to Dhunge

Day 3: Return back to Kathmandu

There are not cozy hotels and teashops like other places to trek in Sailung. Be prepared to experience the way local people live. There are few hotels at Dhunge, but do not expect much. Though you won’t be getting much of materialistic pleasure there, your heart will melt with the warmth of people over there.

Best time to visit Sailung:

Every season is best to visit this place. Spring season will let you experience lots of beautiful rhododendron forests. The rainy season might bring some difficulty to walk but the greenery in those meadows is heavenly for sure. The winter season will let you experience the clear views of mountains all around. Around February/March, the snow covered hillocks would be certainly something to see.

Few pictures are here:

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