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In today’s world, each and every person is in a rush. Some are in hustle to complete their studies and get engage in a job, some are in hurry to set a lifetime job and get married, some are in race competing to achieve success in their carrier, some are moving ahead and planning to settle down and get married. Everyone has a busy and hectic life. In search of the unrealistic things, people are forgetting to live their life with happiness and peacefulness. Sometimes they need a break from this busy life and maintain an inner peace. And this peace, we can get from Meditation. If you can find an inner peace in your mind and soul then no other challenges of the outer world would ever frustrate you. Whereas, having a healthy mind, though and soul is also very essential and Yoga can provide you with this healthiness.

Yoga and Meditation tour program outlined by Nature Trail Travels & Tours, Trekking and Expedition is totally focused on providing the peace and relaxation to its guest while they can enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal hand-in-hand. This tourprogram allows for a richer appreciation of the physical and mental landscape as the body and mind are opened through daily Meditation, Yoga, Stretching and Massage.The combination of these elements creates a more fulfilling physical exercise while strengthening and opening the mind for greater relaxation and awareness all within the beautiful natural environment provided by the Himalayas. While practicing Yoga and Meditation, you will get to know about your own potential and strength. By maintaining a fusion between your body, mind and soul you will get to know yourself better. This helps you to enhance your ability and lets the best out of you. Yoga and Meditation can be practiced side-by-side. Yoga is a process of balancing whereas meditation is the art of concentrating.

Nepal is best destination for Yoga and Meditation. It’s isolation from the World; ideal environment, friendly hospitality, charming villages, undulating mountains and the mesmerizing Himalayan Peaks makes Nepal an ideal place to practice yoga and meditation. Practicing yoga bring a balance in your daily life style by maintaining an inner peace in your body, mind and soul. This aids people to be strong, confident and efficient in their personal life, carrier and maintaining relation. Yoga and meditation program is beneficial for rich materialistic world that makes the life of the people more busy without any direction. Those people who practice Yoga and meditation in a guided way will achieve maximum satisfaction through the spirituality from the Vedic philosophy of Yoga, Buddhism and other types of Meditation, Naturopathy, Herbal medicine and massage. On this tour, we provide a combination package where you will enjoy beauty of Nepal, short hiking, sunrise and visit to some famous tourist sites, practice yoga and meditation.You will also experience the local people’s life style, culture, their religion, agriculture and way of keeping livestock, their use of fresh herbal medicine and ritual healing.

Trip Itinerary

Your flight lands at Tribhuvan International Airport which is located in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a small town and the capital of the country surrounded by the hills from all sides. It is the historical and cultural heart of Nepal. Proceed for the customs and luggage’sclearance and then exist from the Airport Departure lounge. As soon as you exist you can see number of peoples outside holding a placard. Among them one of the representative of Nature Trail Travels & Tours, Trekking & Expedition will be holing a placard with your name in it. So, closely look at them. He will then escort you to your respective hotels. Enjoy the hotel grounds with their beautiful gardens, restaurants and swimming pool facilities.


Max. altitude

1,380m / 4,528 ft.





While you are in Kathmandu, you will practice Yoga and Meditation under the supervision of professional Yoga Gurus and Meditation instructor. There are certain rules you will have to follow. Following activities are done during your 6 days yoga and meditation tour in Kathmandu.

Orientation class for Yoga and Meditation

You will be provided with some information regarding the Yoga and meditation you are going to practice in these 6 days. You can also request for the personalized detox holistic therapy advice which will be given by the expert. Then you will have the Meditation class for that important initial earth/sky contact.

Yogic Kriyas

Yogic science gives as much importance to certain cleansing processes as it does to asana or pranayama. Without regular cleansing of the system one cannot gain maximum benefit from yoga practices. Without purification of the body one will not be ready for the higher practices of yoga. Body cleansing is brought about by the practice of the shatkarmas or six purification techniques which are very important from the point of view of physical and mental health. These simple techniques are also highly valuable in healing internal disorders.

There are six main groups of shatkarmas or yogic cleansers as follows:

Neti: nasal cleaning, including jalaneti and sutra neti.

Dhauti: cleansing of the digestive tract.

Nauli: abdominal massage.

Basti: colon cleaning.

Kapalbhati: purification and vitalization of the frontal lobes.

Trataka: blink less gazing.

Eye Exercise

Eye being the most important and sensitive part of the human body requires more attention and care. So, you will be provided by some of the eye exercise today which includes eye movement, eye blinks, blink less gazing, eye cleansing and many more. For those having an eye problem, this exercise will help you to improve your eye sights whereas for those person who have a healthy eye sight, this exercise will benefit you by maintain good and clear vision.

Pranayama (breathing exercise)

They help to control the PRANA, life force and also increase its dimension. It uses diaphragmatic breathing, which is also called the ‘full yogic breath’. Prana is the subtle vital energy that keeps us alive.

Asanas (Yoga postures)

Postures act as a lubricating routine to the joints, muscles, ligaments and other parts of the body, increasing circulation and flexibility.

Meditation and right thinking

Meditation creates profound changes in the psyche. By curbing and stilling the oscillations of the mind, meditation brings mental peace. As meditation brings about a prolonged positive state of mind, it rejuvenates body cells and delays decay or ageing. Stilling the mind helps to resolve fears and anxiety. It thus helps to find peace, contentment, and inner happiness.

Yogic Relaxation Technique

Relaxation is nature’s way of recharging; it cools down the body just like the radiator of the car. Even while trying to rest, the average person expends a lot of physical and mental energy through tension. When the mind and body are constantly overworked, their natural efficiency diminishes.

In order to achieve perfect relaxation, three methods are used by yogis: physical, mental, and spiritual relaxation.

PanchakarmaTreatemnts (Ayurvedic Detox Treatments)

Personalized panchakarma treatments are advised for clients to help balance their body constitution. These treatments help to detoxify the body, rejuvenate the senses and soothe the mind and thereby help to prepare our body, mind and soul for the higher practices of yoga.


Max. altitude

1,380m / 4,528 ft.



We will be driving to the most famous place and the number one tourist center of Nepal today; Pokhara through Prithvi Highway. Pokhara is the city of Lakes and is renowned for its remarkable natural beauty and the gateway to Annapurna Region trekking. The enchanting town is nestled in the lap of Mount Annapurna and Fishtail and offers stunning panoramic views of Himalayan peaks. The serenity of lakes and the magnificence of the Himalayas rising behind them create an ambience of peace and magic. Along our way we pass through beautiful terraced farming field, rivers, small villages and temples. After your arrival in Pokhara, check-in the hotel and get refreshed. At evening, you can stroll around the town and enjoy an hour boat ride in Phewa lake.

You won’t like to miss the chance to see the most panoramic sunrise view striking on the peak of mountains today. So, wake up early and hike towards the hill top of Sarangkot. The breathtaking view of sun slowly rising and kissing the snowcapped Mountain View will make your day. Afterwards, hike back to the hotel and take your breakfast. Then you will be escorted by our tour guide to some of the must visit places of Pokhara which includes:

Davi’s fall is a waterfall. On 31 July 1961, a Swiss couple Davi went swimming but the woman drowned in a pit because of the overflow. Her body was recovered 3 days later in river Phusre with great effort. Her father wished to name it “Davi’s falls” after her. Its Nepali name is PataleChango, which means “underworld waterfall”. The waterfall during the monsoon season provides you with a natural effect which makes each photograph amazing.

Gupteswor Cave is a city shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a world-famous pilgrim site. It is a limestone cave discovered some time ago and has a number of scenic spots around. The main attraction is the gigantic Shiva Linga which is said to be increasing in size. Gupteswor cave is special for the underground water. It is really worth seeing. It is a natural cave with Stalagmites. One has to reach the end to view the superb scene. The shrine is called “Gupteswor” which means the “Hidden God”. It is so named because it was lying hidden in the cave for a very long period. People suffering from incurable diseases come here to worship the God and remain here for months in the hope of getting cured. You might need some focus light while capturing pictures of this cave.

Bat Cave, which is also known as the natural habitat of bats, is also worth of visiting, and is, located a ten-minute walk away from Mahendra Cave. It is 150 m long and 25 ft. high. The main entrance of this cave is quite narrow but the inner part is wide enough. The main specialty of this cave is that there are more than 15 thousand bats of different species. Images of elephant tusks, gods, and goddesses can be observed in the inner walls of the cave. Here, you can click pictures of various species of Bat under one cave.

Bindhyabasini temple is the center of religious activity situated in the small hill-lock in between the main old bazaar and Bagar area at an elevation of 3000 feet above sea level. It is one of the oldest temples in the Pokhara valley and has an immense cultural value dedicated to Goddess Bhagawati. This temple is considered as one of the main and foremost Shaktipiths of western Nepal. It is heard to have been expressed that one can materialize the wishes whatever one wishes by worshiping the Devi. Built in a ShikharShailee (Shikhar style) the temple has an Idol of Bhagawati having 8 Bhujas (hands).

Seti George is also known as Seti Khola, where “Seti” means “White” and “Khola” means “River”. This is the holiest river of western Nepal, which is fed by snow of Machapuchare and Annapurna mountains. It rises from the base of the Annapurna massive, and passes through the limestone gorge of beautiful Pokhara valley and Damauli to join the Trishuli River near Devghat. It makes more excitement for those who look down to the Seti George from the top of the cliff. It is also famous for rafting and has unspoiled greenish jungle scenery, excellent bird watching site, local cultural heritage and beautiful clean beaches, many small and undemanding rapids. This is one of the additional sites that makes natural environment of Nepal more beautiful. White water running down this George makes you click random shots.

After sightseeing of these sights, you will be transferred to Sadhana Yoga Retreat Center. It is located just outside Pokhara, in the foothills of the Himalayas and surrounded by nature which makes it an ideal place for meditation, yoga and relaxation. Upon arrival, check-in to the center where you will be briefed about the yoga and meditation you will be going to practice in the following days. After a detail briefing, have dinner and rest overnight.

Like Yoga and meditation, massage also comes hand-to-hand. Throughout the day, you will enjoy the new techniques of performing Yoga and meditation, get relaxed with Ayurvedic massage and feel refreshed with either steam bath or mud bath. This will be a perfect treat to the body and mind to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage treats the whole body through touch: physically, mentally and emotionally. In Ayurvedic massage, oiling of the body is very important.Therapy is based on Ayurveda, a traditional medical system of medicine using many herbal medicines as oil and applying to the entire body with a particular type of massage is called Ayurvedic therapy.The massage techniques includes tapping, kneading and squeezing as well as the more traditional massage strokes you would expect. The style and flow of the massage is determined by who you are, and what your body needs for balance and wellbeing at the time. Massage relaxes the tension in muscles and nerves. It refreshes both mind and body with good appetite and sleep. It is good for blood circulation, muscle relaxation, releasinganxiety, help with stress relief, boost the effectiveness of the immune system and promote good health. Massaging will directly affect the bodies emotionally, spiritually and physically. Massage therapy helps to increase the energy, muscle and joint mobility and decrease tiredness.In Hatha Yoga scripture it is mentioned that any sort of physical problems can be removed by oil massage and hot shower (in cold country people get their skin dried and wrinkle). It is good for them to have oil massage a few days a week. According to the expert of Ayurveda, regular massage not only keeps the skin fresh and body fit but also increases longevity of an individual.

Steam bath

Steam baths relieves muscle tension and detoxify the skin.Following the massage, a steam bath using fresh herbs serves to further relax your body and detoxify the skin by sweating out unnecessary toxins. Steam bath provides physical, mental as well as skin health benefits. The bath helps to clear the mucus for your lungs and the warm / humid air soothes your airways. It is also medically proven to be helpful in detoxification having positive effects on liver and circulation problems. Steam baths can also be very healthful when it comes to your state of mind; it loosens you up mentally. It is a well-known relaxant that can help you overcomeStress, Anxiety, Sleeping disorders (especially through over-excitability) and Negative energies. While taking steam bath, the heat also opens up your veins bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your skin surface. It will make your skin feel clean, soft, supple and smooth as silk; no doubt you’ll come out of it with a healthy glow as well, feeling re-energized and recharged. This of course makes it also a good natural way to fight the symptoms ofDry skin, Chapped skin, Eczema or Dermatitis, Acne, and more skin conditions.

Mud Bath

It may feel strange to submerge your body in a tub full of warm dirt and water, but mud baths do have several health benefits. For thousands of years, people all over the world have believed in the healing powers of mud, and natural hot springs were popular long before the creation of the modern health spa. One benefit of mud baths is their anti-inflammatory properties — soaking in mud and its minerals can help alleviate aches and muscle pains. Another mud bath advantage is the soothing effect mud and its minerals — including sodium, magnesium and potassium — can have on the skin. Studies show that mud baths can even improve spinal symptoms in patients with spondylitis, a painful disease caused by inflammation of the vertebrae. Hospitals and spas use mud baths to treat aching muscles, stiff joints, arthritis and general pain in the body. Mud can help draw impurities from the skin, so it’s used to fight acne on the face, back and shoulders. You should not do a mud bath if you have open cuts, sores, heart disease or high/low blood pressure, are pregnant, have any circulatory or nerve problems, have an open wound or skin rash condition, or have sensitivity to heat. If you have sensitive skin, mud may cause irritation. Test any new skin treatment on a small patch of skin before using it.If you have any other medical condition that gives you concern, you should consult with your doctor.

After breakfast, you will be escorted to Kathmandu today via same route. You can also fly from Pokhara to Kathmandu which will take about just 30 minutes to reach Kathmandu from Pokhara. After your arrival, transfer to the hotel and stay overnight.

Depending upon your flight schedule, transfer to airport for departure. We hope this 12 days Yoga and Meditation tour has been fruitful to you and you have a new insight of life. We are sure that you have relaxed physically and mentally during this stay period with us. We also hope to see you in future.

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