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Lumbini: The Spark of Buddhism

Nepal is the country of varieties. It has the variety in landscapes, cultures, and religion as well. Nepal is the centre of two major religions of the world; Hinduism and Buddhism. The major temple for Hindus all over the world; Pashupatinath is located here. Similarly, Nepal is the birth place for Lord Buddha. Lumbini is …


A day in Kathmandu: Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square is a royal region of the ancient Kathmandu kingdom which now lies in Basantpur area of Kathmandu. It is enlisted in UNESCO world heritage site. This place inherits the Newari culture and ancient architecture since centuries. Durbar square is basically a generic name given to the plaza or areas in a certain …


How to pack light while traveling?

Traveling experience is a collective experience of a lot of things. The overall experience becomes good with respect to a lot of things. Proper packing is one of the key things while you’re on a trip. Specially if you’re on a trek, you need to pay extra attention to packing. You should be careful to …


6 Ways to document your journey in an amazing way

It has always been said, traveling makes you richer. Every time you travel, you create a story of yourself to recite to the world. You make a collection of memories to showcase to rest of the people. Most of all, you get that different feeling that makes you different from ever before. How you choose …


Patan Durbar square

Durbar square is basically a generic name used in context of ancient sites of Nepal. It is a name given to the plaza or areas in a certain place of old palaces. In Kathmandu valley, there are three durbar squares, viz. Kathmandu Durbar square, Patan Durbar square, and Bhaktapur Square. Patan Durbar Square is a …


Swargadwari: A heaven waiting to be discovered in the west

Swargadwari is one of the holiest places for Hindus all over. It is basically a temple situated at a top of the hill in Pyuthan district of Mid-Western Nepal. This place is a famous pilgrimage site that gives the importance of cows a high priority in Hinduism. Here are a few things about the place. …


Things to see in Nepal except the Himalayas

Whenever someone starts to make plans of traveling in Nepal, he/she starts dreaming about shiny mountains, high hills and fast rivers. This is justifiable to some extent as Nepal is picturised as mountainous country all over the world. Besides the mountains, Nepal has a Terai belt enriched with diverse culture, wildlife and lifestyle. Here is …

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